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Colibri iOS app Presentaion

Colabri is an innovative startup. The app allows individuals and teams to collaborate effectively. It offers tools for professionals, especially for event managers, and moves businesses forward. Together with the team, I came up with new futures such as “LiveStreem”, “Brain Storming” and a new brand name “Colabri” that represents the merge or two words “Collaborate” and “Colibri”. Colibri is a symbol of speed, simplicity, and efficiency.

Budget Planner

It is a product for people who want to organize their finances and change their lifestyle. You can control all your incomes and bills in one place and access data from different devices. Everyone can use BP. Some people want to save money for something, some people want to control their cashflow and be more aware of their spendings. It is designed to help children, grown-ups and seniors to solve their financial problems.

NewLight project

New Light is a Georgian Company, which opened its first shop in 1999, highlighting high range of lighting systems for Georgian customers. It is the second time I am working for NewLight. First web site was focused only on presenting their products. This time company decided to implement web shop interface, so the customers can easily choose desired products and simply buy it via our brand new web site. View Project:  

CG Society mobile app redesign

CG Society(go to cg society), inspires, empowers, and engages artists from everywhere. It is helping designers become a better artists, informing them of the latest happenings in the global art community, or empowering with the knowledge and design tools. I’ve done redesign for non registered users. Looking forward to upload interfaces for registered users as well. This mockup is done in sketch for further downloads. Dribbble: Behance: View my Works in PDF 

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