My name : Yana Moskalneko

Who am I?

I am a product designer oriented on UI/UX, usability consulting, problem solving. I love to create for the web. I also specialize HTML/CSS/jQuery, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Webflow, prototyping, framerjs, Invision. Currently, consulting big companies and startups, helping with ui/ux design for their web products.

Who do I work for?

I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from non-profits to businesses and other design agencies. Behance award winner, and really fast at making things done! I’d love to add your project to the list .I will not stop learning in order to open a new path to excellence!

I’m all about helping people put their best foot forward on the web. Why not drop me a line?

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Created Youtube channel combining high-quality remote work, adventures and making dreams come true.

Design Process

1. Research

Research, is the first step of design process. It is the process of creating new knowledge about products. Research can be different; searching online, asking clients the right questions, google analytics, testing real products, exploring market, collecting as much data as possible. All this, will help to solve difficult problems in the future steps of developing new product.

2. Wireframing

Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the structural level.It is a very helpful way to structure your web site logically. At this stage you can be very flexible in creating your unique layout, as wireframing is just a draft version of your future design.Wireframe on paper helps me to build a strong storytelling for the product.I use different wireframing tools depending on the task. The most efficient method for me is – wireframing/sketching on paper. Along with paper, I want to mention tools such as Invision, UXPin, which allows you to create prototypes and mockups etc.

3. Wireframe Testing

Wireframe testing is a very important process at the beginning stage. I make changes into current wireframes and it is easy with modern tools. I prepare black and white wireframes on paper or online.Together with the client we sum up ideas and move forward to the next step.

4. Design

Design is more fun to do when you already have correct wireframes. Usually, I make a UI Kit before drawing actual pages. I prepare a style guide: logo, color palette, fonts, text sizes, icons, elements such as buttons etc. My favorite tool for creating design is – Sketch. Sketch, is a very powerful tool with lots of plugins. It is a very useful application, when working with developers.With Sketch, you, can make your work twice faster then in Photoshop. I prefer to use Photoshop to edit photos.When design is ready, I show it to the client via design Preview Tool by Invision app(which has a perfect commenting function). When design is confirmed, I send files to developers.

5. Design Testing

When design is ready (and is live in ‘testing mode’), I make corrections to the browser version. If it is a mobile application, I test it for different devices. This is a very important work to do, as sometimes design(markup), done by developers, can differ from original design.

6. Improvements

When the web site is finally live for users, it doesn’t mean we finish working on the web site/mobile app.I am lucky, if I have an access to Google Analytics, which provides me with the real data about user behavior. Regarding user’s behavior, we make changes to the design and to the whole web site’s structure, thus creating a better product.


Yana is not only a motivated and eager co-worker but also an inspiring Designer. It is a real pleasure working together with her.
Tsotne Nazarasvili
Web Developer

Yana Moskalenko is real good web designer: professional at work, nice person in communication. Yana is a good team player,
who creates amazing sites. She helps her clients to develop business.It was a pleasure to work together with my projects, definitely recommended.

Viktoria Kechakhmadze
Chief Accountant