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CG Society mobile app redesign

CG Society(go to cg society), inspires, empowers, and engages artists from everywhere. It is helping designers become a better artists, informing them of the latest happenings in the global art community, or empowering with the knowledge and design tools. I’ve done redesign for non registered users. Looking forward to upload interfaces for registered users as well. This mockup is done in sketch for further downloads. Dribbble: Behance: View my Works in PDF 

illustrations 2012-2013

Illustrations 2012-2013, Here I will upload my new illustrations.Since 2008, I was not able to draw illustrations in Photoshop. Hopefully life gave me a chance.     Chloe Grace Moretz   If you are interested to see more about the process, please visit my Behance Portfolio:

ianamoor - Dribbble

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